Meaningful engagement of PLWNCDs

To promote meaningful involvement of Persons Living with NCDs (PLWNCDs) in all aspects of NCD continuum of care

People living with NCDs offer unique and powerful insights into issues and challenges of tackling NCDs on a day-to-day basis. Individuals living with NCDs, their care partners and relatives grasp the issues and challenges they face the best, which gives them first-hand knowledge that cannot be replaced by technical expertise. The meaningful involvement of people living with NCDs is a critical element of an effective NCD response. From policymaking to awareness raising, clinical trials, academic research, advocacy, organisational governance, and more, people living with NCDs can contribute to many different facets of the NCD response and act as role models breaking barriers to inclusion.

It is in the light of the above and in recognition of the fact that there can be nothing for us without us”.

The Alliance endeavours to connect members’ personal experience with Advocacy Agenda, we ensure they can articulate ideas clearly and we build their capacity so that they understand the concepts and evidence behind advocacy being pursued.

NCDAK believes that the collective role of government, multilateral agencies, Civil Society Organizations, Health Care Providers, relevant private sector entities and people living with NCDs is imperative for creating an enabling environment to promote meaningful involvement and truly put people first.