Dr. Eva Njenga

Chair, NCD Alliance of Kenya

With her work and experience spanning over Decades, Dr Eva Njenga, has been the transformational and kinetic force in shaping the way Kenya manages NCDs.
From the humble beginnings in Kenya, when the NCD Division at the Ministry of Health, had only one desk, Kenya now, has elevated health as one of it’s Big Four’ priorities and NCDs are finally starting to be taken seriously. Dr Eva is the Chair of both the Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance of Kenya(NCDA-K), and Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, the founder director of Diabetes Management and Information Centre (DMI) which is has made an immense impact on diabetes information awareness in Kenya since 1999 through its community and schools programmes.
Not only has she been a keynote speaker and addressed several workshops on NCDs with joint participation of Pharmaceutical companies, Global NCD Alliance, MOH, and people living with NCDs and united them to come together and issued a Call to Action outlining how patient experiences and their voices must be involved actively for sustainable and effective NCD solutions in Kenya.
Dr Njenga is well recognized as a Diabetes expert from Sub-Saharan African Region with the Novo Nordisk Advisory Board, contributed to the development of Kenya National Drug Policy and National Policy for Diabetes Management Guidelines section, Heads the Endocrinology Department at the Nairobi Hospital, and has served as a World Health Organization (WHO) Expert in Essential Medicine Committee since 2013.

She has participated in key sessions of the Naivasha I held in 2018, Naivasha II and III, looking how to streamline NCDs into the Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Participated in the United Nations High-Level Meeting (UNHLM) in New York, attended the African Health Agenda International Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, in 2019, to forge for the push and implementation of the UHC agenda in the region.
She is a visionary on empowering people in ensuring promises made by the government and industry are kept. At the same time she is an ardent advocate and mentor to those proudly associated with her.

Why I am passionate about NCDs

In 1999, five of us sat down to discuss how Diabetes had affected our lives and those of our families. I was the only medic in the group. Some had diabetes and others had very close family members who had diabetes  or had passed on due to complications related to diabetes.

Most of the patients with diabetes also have to deal with other NCDs as well. This is what made me very keen on the NCDAK. I was very happy when Prof. Gerald Yonga and my other colleagues in NCDs and with the facilitation  of Dr. Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo and her team, we started this Alliance.

NCDAK is ready, passionate and willing to take on the big challenge of changing the lives of people living with NCDs. We have started with small steps but we believe that we will achieve a Big Win!!!