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To effectively play its role as both an advocacy and service delivery membership organization, NCDAK, strives to build the capacity of our membership with requisite knowledge and skills to meaningfully engage with “whole government” and apply a whole societal approach to NCDs prevention and control.

Lower Middle Income Countries (LMICs) are experiencing an epidemiological transition in its diseases burden from infectious to non-communicable conditions resulting in a double burden of disease (co-morbidities) and Kenya is no exception: NCDs account for 55% of hospital admissions, 50% of hospital deaths and 33% of total deaths.

NCDs are a major public health concern with significant social and economic implications in terms of health care-needs, lost productivity and premature death. NCDs are thus a serious setback to our attainment of social, health and economic targets if no proper interventions are put in place.

In 2013, the WHO endorsed the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of NCDs (2013–2020) that promotes and supports national capacity for high-quality research and health system development. This plan responds, in part, to the incongruity between the rising burden of NCDs and adequate research evidence and capacity to address this challenge in LMICs, noting that country demands for conducting research on prevention and control of NCDs and the capacity to respond to those demands aren essential step to combating the rapidly rising burden of NCDs.

COVID-19 Hospital Training by InStrat Global Health Solutions Ltd Nigeria

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May 2, 2020

NCDs-CSOs Institutional Strengthening: Report Writing

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Training of PLWNCDs on Project Proposal Development

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